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Jabulani Range

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Sheth Naturals Shea Butter 500ml

  • The Karite Gold is a must have in every mum?s closet. It is highly nourishing and moisturizing to both your hair and skin. It is a day moisturizer for dry skin type. It reduces skin inflammation a solution to acne. Consistent use if the she abutter during pregnancy helps to prevent stretchmarks and fade them away. On hair, it repairs hair breakage and softens your hair strands. It does not cause build-up on the scalp and protects the skin from sunlight.

    How to use
    On the hair, apply it on your scalp and your hair strands to help seal in the moisture. On your body, apply it as a moisturizer or mix it with an oil of your choice.

    Cold pressed extraction from from shea tree.

KSh 1,200
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